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Full Mouth Dental Implants
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If you are missing or will require removal of all of your upper and/or lower teeth, you can benefit from full arch dental implants to restore your full dentition. Replacement of all of your teeth can be accomplished in a few ways.

With the placement of 2 to 4 implants, dentures can be connected to a bar or special locators that help minimize movement of your prosthesis while eating and speaking. This type of denture is more retentive than a conventional denture, but it is designed to be removable.

Another way to rehabilitate a full arch of failing or missing teeth is with a collaborative team-based treatment strategy (sometimes known as “teeth in a day,” “the All-on-4® treatment concept” “all on X,” et. al.) where a fixed (not removeable) full arch prosthesis can be delivered with the look, feel, and confident function, of natural teeth.

Working with our trusted dental lab technicians, anesthesia providers, and your restorative dentist, our Boston oral surgery team and Dr. Lucca are expertly trained to deliver this transformative implant solution that allows the replacement of a full arch of teeth secured by four, six, or eight implants, in just one day. This technique creates a prosthesis that is fixed to the implants and eliminates the compromise of loose and uncomfortable removable dentures.

With an implant retained full arch restoration, there is no plate covering the roof of the mouth that can impair speaking and tasting food. Additionally, esthetics and function are more natural and comfortable. Patients do not experience the typical rocking and movement, or gum irritation, associated with conventional dentures.

Easy to care for, this type of restoration simulates the look and feel of natural teeth and stays fixed in place with the implants acting as anchors for new teeth. Patients can experience renewed confidence with speaking, eating, laughing, and smiling.

Full arch restorations can often be placed in one office visit. Dr. Lucca’s talented team of lab technicians can be present on site during the procedure to provide a custom-designed, esthetic, functional, and immediate temporary prosthesis the same day as the implant surgery.

Dr. Lucca and our Boston oral surgeons will provide consultation utilizing our state-of-the-art technology to discuss in detail a customized full arch dental implant solution that may be right for you.

All-on-4® is a trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Full Mouth Dental Implants

Can I get a full set of replacement teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day is a dental procedure that involves the replacement of all of the teeth in as little as one day. This procedure is also called the All-on-4® treatment concept because it requires the placement of at least 4 dental implants in the jaw with a full denture attached. (All-on-4® is a trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.) Depending on your specific jaw size and needs, 6, 7, or 8 implants may be required for optimal long term results.

What is full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is the process of replacing all of the teeth at once. When all or the majority of the teeth are missing or need to be extracted, there are solutions for replacement that can restore your smile as well as your chew and speak properly.

What is the difference between traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures?

Traditional dentures use suction and adhesives to attach to the gums. They often slip out of place when you’re eating and talking and may pinch or chafe your gums. Implant-supported dentures attach to dental implants placed in the jaw. They secure the prosthesis in place for greater comfort and stability.

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures?

● They stay securely in place when you are eating and talking.
● The dental implants that hold them in place prevent bone loss in the jaw.
● They are more comfortable.
● They give you a more natural smile.
● They last longer than traditional dentures.

How long will full mouth rehabilitation take?

If you go with full arch rehabilitation it can take a few hours for each arch of teeth. In the case of traditional implant-supported dentures it can take a few hours for each step in the process over a few months.

What type of anesthesia will I need for full mouth rehabilitation?

At the very least you will need local anesthesia for the placement of the dental implants. Some patients prefer sedation to help them relax and to help the time pass more comfortably. We can discuss options with you to help you decide what will make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

Why should I replace missing teeth?

There are many benefits to replacing missing teeth. It prevents bone loss in the jaw, restores function, and improves your smile. Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place and impair your bite. Bone loss can also occur in the jaw due to missing teeth and can cause neighboring teeth to become loose and untreatable.

Is full mouth rehabilitation a cosmetic procedure?

Tooth replacement teeth is not just cosmetic; it serves an oral health purpose as well. Full mouth rehabilitation involves much more than just improving your smile. It can be a life- changing experience that allows you to enjoy the foods you love and the essential nutrients to thrive and achieve better overall health and wellness.
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